Jurassic World: the modern Dino-(Re)-Mix or Remake?

Last week, movie theaters around the world opened their doors for the fourth part of the Jurassic Park-Saga. And just like in the movie itself, it payed off. The opening weekend of “Jurassic World” alone brought in over 500 million dollars worldwide – a little over 200 million are due to the US-americans. But what makes this movie this spectacular and worth to see?

“Jurassic World” presents us the best mix of danger, passion and terror. In the trailer it´s immediatly clear that with the endangered children, the scary monster and the handsome good-looking hero/badass, it would be impossible NOT to charm the whole world into watching this action-adventure motion picture. The target audience goes from young kids fascinated by the jurassic period, to teenagers who just want to get the adrenaline kick, until the fun grown-ups: it´s a movie for everyone and everybody.

Though, a lot of people hold grudges against the epic dinosaur-revival because of its lack of plot. Well, guys, I hate to break it to you, but if you go see “Jurassic World” because of the plot, I don´t think you really understood what the movie is about – it´s like critizing the absence of prehistoric species in “Gone with the wind”.

I believe that “Jurassic World” is a movie worth of your time as it is not only chills, goose bumps and high-pitched cries, but a possible portrayal of our near-future. With all the scientific and technological advance we have made in the past decades, we might loose our sense of limits and ethics and won´t longer recognize when we are satisfied with what we already have. We need more entertainment, more adrenalin and more gruesome – until fiction becomes reality. This makes me think about the first “Jurassic Park” of 1994, when all the technology a part of the world takes for granted today didn´t exist and science trespassed the limit of “okay”-dom. Over the past twenty-one years, the message hasn´t change. Does that make “Jurassic World” somehow a remake? Possibly, but it goes even further: Curiosity is legitimate, unless it is not under control.

Thus, my personal tip for you guys is: Go see it. “Jurassic World” is all fun & fear … until dinosaurs start to attack you. Then, you should grab your drink and run!


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