Cause 2 can keep a secret, if 1 of them is dead

If you don´t know yet, what I am talking about … you really need to read this.

“Pretty Little Liars” is a hit series on ABC Family with a few millions of people watching the drama every Tuesday night. Basically, it´s about four girls, Aria, Emily, Hannah and Spencer who get harassed by a person (or not – this is actually the problem that nobody knows who/what that is) going by the acronym: -A.

And here comes the all-nighter part: Even though you might think now it´s the classical teenage drama with fourteen-year-old girls who have nothing else on their minds than boys & beauty, I can guarantee you: It is nothing like you expected. In nearly every episode, one of them is being physically and psychologically attacked and don´t forget the creepy scene at the end, where you actually get to see -A do…stuff. I mean, it´s supposed to mean something, but the hints are really hard to get…

“Pretty little liars” is a TV-show for people who enjoy mysteries, a good thrill and a little bit of romance. However, if you did not do this as a kid, you will start looking for monsters beneath your bed and turn around more often, when you´ll walk alone down a street during night (which might not be that bad if you come to think of it).

Based on the book series by Sara Shepard, “PLL” (as you might wanna call it) is currently in its sixth season and will end 2017 with approximately 160 episodes all in all. But trust me – if are interested, go for it. Next to college or work, I bet you can watch two seasons in two weeks.

My personal duckling´s tip is: In this case, it´s better to spread the word than keep it a secret…”Pretty Little Liars” is an awesome TV-show where every viewer suddenly gets to be an amateur “Sherlock Holmes” and maybe even realize where lies can really get you.