Has “The Good Wife” gone bad?

Yesterday, Sunday the 4th of october, the lawyer-drama-series “The Good Wife” started its seventh season on CBS with not so much of a “big bang” than a “huge sigh”.

After already having lost one of the key elements of the show during the fifth season with the tragic and sudden death of Will Gardner, but successfully having regained wit and character sometime around last year, the show is on its last breath.

The first episode of the seventh season can be summarized really easy and I can guarantee you that you´d wish there´d be more interesting spoilers: Alicia is being a saint as always, the double D´s – alias Diane & David – only increase the atmosphere of annoyance the viewer might perceive and the only good thing is that Eli is back on track.  I´d really hate to miss all the bitch-fighting he´ll have with Peter´s new campaign manager as he has been missed since Peter won the election first as State attorney and then as Governor.

An interesting point might also be the replacement of Kalinda to keep up the “women power”-theme in the series, though this is certainly NOT a reason to continue watching “The Good Wife”.

It is obviously difficult to make a series work over so many years and not repeat anything along the way. Sometimes, repetition can even be an asset and bring perspective. However, in this case, the finale of the sixth season was a very bad move – especially when in the first episode of the new season, Michael J. Fox is still referred as a “guest star”.

So my tip for you is: If you really having nothing better to do, go on and watch how “The Good Wife” is probably on its way to end next May. Perhaps, Eli´s new declared war will make the trip a little bit more amusing, though only function as the motivation to endure the general boredom of the new season.