Hello, little Ducklings! After having watched the new Disney-Pixar production “Inside Out”, I just couldn´t resist to write a little bit about it!

“Inside Out” tells the story of our emotions: anger, disgust, fear, joy and sadness. They direct our feelings and our perception of other people´s words and actions. In this case, we as viewers get a closer look on young Riley´s emotions (and yes, it is a girl – weird name though). Even though the introduction to how it all works and who is who takes up a felt eternity of the movie, it´s still worth the attention in order to understand the whole concept “Inside Out” is based upon.

We do not get to see  well-balanced, ethically good and heroic characters we might know from other movies – no, we get to see the actual emotions and thus only them. Joy is bossy and very egoistic, Sadness is annoying and disregardful, Anger is very sensitive, Disgust is Miss Know-It-All and Fear is pretty realistic. And we come to think about it, it adds up! When we feel happy, it´s mostly all about our own accomplishment or maybe the ones from our closest friends and family. In sad times, we do not care about what other people say and even annoy others around us. Especially on sensitive subjects, we may tend to get quickly angry and when we feel disgusted, we are always 100 % sure that only WE are right. And when we´re scared…well, we would never argue with reality.

This means that the real heads behind “Inside Out” analysed all those emotions and made real characters out of them in order that we could reach identification and even the classic moment of catharsis (I won´t spoiler that for you!). All the little details and the whole base on which the story is based upon just shows how much creation and imagination the creators had to bring up and makes “Inside Out” even more authentic.

So for those of you who thought “Frozen” was awesome and new and shiny, here comes “Inside Out” with a beautiful new perspective of Disney´s and Pixar´s future (as well as how boys appearently react when they see a girl – a must see!).

My tip for you, Ducklings: Go to the next movie theatre or wait for the DVD/VoD-version to enjoy “Inside Out”!