Shamy is back – all you need to know about the HUGE historic TV-moment!

Hello, little ducklings – and fans of the Big Bang Theory (and/or Star Wars)! As many of you might have known for a while, the Star Wars themed episode “The Opening Night Excitation” (Season 9, Episode 11) featured probably one of the most remembarable moments in american TV-history.

Or in other words: Sheldon & Amy finally did it.

Though this dull statement isn´t very fair to this very delicate and authentic way the writers of The Big Bang Theory managed to conduct viewers into really accepting this huge step for both characters. The viewers got to be a part of Sheldon´s decision processes which helped a lot of us understand why and how this was the best moment for the very atypical couple to finally consumate their relationship.

Also, the fun wasn´t left out at all! So for all of you who are skeptical about watching the episode because of possible akwardness, there is nothing to fear. The classical element of drawing parallels and transfering one situation into a completly different one makes the overall episode a very traditional one.

So my tip for you: If you haven´t watched it already, shame on you! And otherwise: Open up another window in your browser up there and watch it NOW! Have fun!