Boring Bourne instead of Jason Bourne – all you need to know about the new blockbuster

Whoopie! That´s what some of us may have thought when the news on a new Jason Bourne production got out. But the result is much more likely to sound like “boo”.

Don´t get me wrong: the movie is not bad, it´s just not a true “Jason Bourne” like movie. It totally lacks Bourne´s motivation to find out more about himself, his aspiration to understand what´s going on around him and his to the viewer transparent motives.

This time, it rather seems as if Bourne got bored over the years and just wants something to chase after. Most evidently, I won´t spoil too much of the movie for you in case you want to see it, but let´s say that some specific events that should provoke some kind of a reaction even in Jason Bourne, don´t seem to bother the (ex-?)-agent at all.

So, while the super killer agent finally gets to have a little action, the 12-year old looking true protagonist of the story makes it her goal to catch Bourne (what a new plotline! *sarcasm*). Heather Lee (played by Alicia Vikander) seems to represent in a rather negative way the new generation of the 1990s and 2000s: techno-freak, way too ambitious and too sure of herself. The fact that sooner or later she is double-crossed by Bourne only puts her in an even worse light. Of course, it´s great that women get to play roles as leaders – but not if they get mocked.

Therefore, how can I best sum up this compulsively composed new addition to the Bourne series with a plotline lighter than a feather? Well, I think I just did.

My tip for you, little ducklings: Don´t go to the theatres and see it, it´s a waste of your money and time. Just wait until one of your friends throws a movie night and decides to watch the whole series (including the newest “Jason Bourne”)! Then, at least, more will agree that it probably would have been better to not do a movie at all instead of trying desperatly to find a way to bring back Matt Damon as Jason Bourne.