Review: “The Vampire Diaries” Season 8

First came the Vampires, then the Hunger Games and as the dystopian genre slowly comes to an end, so does one of the first vampire-related productions in the US entertainment industry of the 2000s: “The Vampire Diaries”.

During ComicCon 2016, we, loyal fans of TVD had to accept the painful message of our favorite brutal and murderous series ending 2017. But this means in no way that TVD doesn´t end on a high note.

At the end of Season 7, we got introduced to a new villain, a somehow monstruous being whose nature we only discovered in the (last) premiere episode of the eight season: the siren.

Even I have to admit that on the one hand, the siren is a supernatural being which fits TVD´s primary requirements for a villain – charming, brilliant and absolutly evil -, but on the other hand, it is a little bit ridiculous to speak it out loud.

Sybil the siren is able to exercize high control via mind on people. One of those people is Damon who´s so scared to land in hell that he becomes the puppet/slave of TVD´s newest monster. That´s a point which I have to criticize slightly as I believe that it´s a little bit out of Damon´s character to get easily afraid of something. However, it is a good storyline to bring back the old habits of Damon which many viewers missed in the past seasons.

But what about the regular cast? Stefan and Caroline – or Staroline – seem to be at the best of places in their relationship. Ready to be married to eachother for the rest of their lives (which is pretty long in case they don´t get killed by someone – oh wait, they get killed all the time, but somehow they manage to survive for eight seasons, so I think they´ll be good), I believe they symbolize a new favorite couple viewers have to ship instead of Delena/Stelena. Though, nothing will ever replace TVD´s authentic love-triangle and basic storyline.

And poor BonBon: She never seems to get her happy ending, even though she´s probably the one who deserves it the most. I only hope TVD will finally grant her this little favor. The same goes for Matt who´s not only responsible for killing his fiancée, but also all by himself – now with his estranged father on his back. Wait a minute: Why did no one think of a Bonnie/Matt-ship? Wouldn´t that be great? Because let´s be honest: Enzo is just really annoying. He lost his wit and…wait: that was all he had. So, yeah, that makes him pretty unnecessary and boring. And Alaric? Well, once thought and described as a “genius” professor, his fatherhood seems to have drawn out every single IQ point left in him…

So what should I advise you to do, little ducklings? I, myself, watched “The Vampires Diaries” ever since the pilot aired and never missed an episode. It would be really sad if I gave it all up now. But for those of you, who haven´t had such a “close” relationship with the show, I think it´s already time to say goodbye, because all you will see for the rest of the season is more blood and less true and interesting storylines.

My grade for “The Vampire Diaries”´eight season is therefore: “eh, it could be better”.