Run, Barry, run!

What a time to be alive and see on the screen DC´s classic story of “The Flash”. Yesterday evening, “The Flash” premiered its second season on the CW and won – at least – me over.

In the about 45 min. of the first episode of the second season, we can see the most classic and characteristic elements of a superhero story: the superhero can´t save everybody on his own, is sad and thinks he can protect those he loves by ignoring them. But just as we have seen this happening with Superman, Batman, Spiderman and co., it´s clear that won´t work out for long. I believe that using the same patterns of superhero movies makes this series that interesting, exciting and of course successful. Also, instead of only getting to know the character in a few hours of film material, viewers have the opportunity to see develop a superhero on a regular, weekly basis and really understand what makes “The Flash” a real superhero.

However, there is a downside to the whole story: women don´t really get much out of their relationships as in 100% of the cases (there are only two women in the series!) their fiancés or husbands…die.

Oh, and by the way: Nice Batman reminiscence with the spot & the lightning in the sky, Cisco.

So my tip for you, ducklings: Buckle up, because this is going to be a hell of a Flash season!



Series-Season has begun!

I suppose it´s only natural to write an article about the season premiere of “Once upon a time” on a blog called “Duckling´s movie tips”. Emma Swan has officially gone dark!

Episode Review:

The ABC fantasy TV-series “Once upon a time” comes slowly, but greatly back to its roots: roles are exchanged, darkness is summoned and finally someone realizes love is not the answer for everything. During the rather (un)adventurous epiosde, one might have thought: “Oh no, is this starting again? Everybody thinks that for once she´ll be like really evil, but than her sweetheart comes and she gives it up – again“.  Not that in real-life I would wish for anyone´s fate to be dark. Though, if there is a series about fairytales gone crazy, than it should include all the extremes of madness, shouldn´t it?

After enduring the slightly misplaced storyline of Merida in the whole drama and witnessing the happy family reunion, one might have been eager to sigh and turn whatever device off one was watching it on. But suddenly, the heart of the show got resurrected in the final momentum.

May we present to you: Emma Swan, the Dark One.

Why does this ring a bell in our minds and brings out all the affection we fans have for the TV-series? Because after last season´s rather deceiving villain and the weird storylines of Peter Pan and the Wicked Witch, we ultimatly got the classic bad character back we all know from our childhood´ fairytale-books. Emma Swan inpersonates everything we loathe and weren´t raised to be – the morally bad and evil. And it fascinates us, as much as the darkness seduced Emma, because we all know that we´d never really be able to become like her and seeing this ethic paradox on screen is actually true magic.

Thank you, wonderful writers of “Once upon a time” to have brought us an otherwise inexpressable challenge in each one of us, which will never be truly won by either goodness or badness.

I hope the rest of the season will follow the same path the radiant maximum of “The Dark Swan” opened up.

But you know how it is in “Once upon a time”: There is never just one way.

Cause 2 can keep a secret, if 1 of them is dead

If you don´t know yet, what I am talking about … you really need to read this.

“Pretty Little Liars” is a hit series on ABC Family with a few millions of people watching the drama every Tuesday night. Basically, it´s about four girls, Aria, Emily, Hannah and Spencer who get harassed by a person (or not – this is actually the problem that nobody knows who/what that is) going by the acronym: -A.

And here comes the all-nighter part: Even though you might think now it´s the classical teenage drama with fourteen-year-old girls who have nothing else on their minds than boys & beauty, I can guarantee you: It is nothing like you expected. In nearly every episode, one of them is being physically and psychologically attacked and don´t forget the creepy scene at the end, where you actually get to see -A do…stuff. I mean, it´s supposed to mean something, but the hints are really hard to get…

“Pretty little liars” is a TV-show for people who enjoy mysteries, a good thrill and a little bit of romance. However, if you did not do this as a kid, you will start looking for monsters beneath your bed and turn around more often, when you´ll walk alone down a street during night (which might not be that bad if you come to think of it).

Based on the book series by Sara Shepard, “PLL” (as you might wanna call it) is currently in its sixth season and will end 2017 with approximately 160 episodes all in all. But trust me – if are interested, go for it. Next to college or work, I bet you can watch two seasons in two weeks.

My personal duckling´s tip is: In this case, it´s better to spread the word than keep it a secret…”Pretty Little Liars” is an awesome TV-show where every viewer suddenly gets to be an amateur “Sherlock Holmes” and maybe even realize where lies can really get you.