The elegant bromance

Suit up little Ducklings! One week after the start of “Suits”´ fifth season on USA Network, the popular TV-series about angry, but good-dressed lawyers got renewed for another season.

And that even though the viewers´ numbers decreased over the years. So what makes this TV-series that interesting that one of the major US-networks decides to give it another go for next year?

To summen it up briefly: “Suits” is about two guys, one kicking-ass lawyer and one other kicking-ass lawyer who however doesn´t actually have a law degree (even though he wrote and passed tests for others to enter law school). Then, you also have the always bitchy-behaving boss Jessica but after a while you realize that she´s actually  a very tough and good boss and that the “bitchy-thing” is only due to the fact that she is woman (you can try the experiment and imagine a man speaking her lines: it would really not be that bitchy!). And last, but not least, you do have Louis Litt who seems to be angry, jealous, depressed, crazy and totally immoral 24/7 for most of the time for no reason at all. So, what do you think?

Of course, one can´t leave out the two beautiful  love interests of the protagonists whose witty and smart lines might be the one of the only reason you keep watching the series. Rachel is Mike´s (the fraud) precious jewel and Donna is Harvey´s (the real kicking-ass lawyer) secretary, though ,over the seasons, you kind of get the impression that there is more to the story. And of course it is! But: I don´t want to spoiler here.

For me, it is very difficult to understand why I myself keep watching “Suits”. Nothing ever really changes: It´s always the same curses, problems, fights and (more or less effective) conciliations. Not to forget that in every episode the viewer has to desperatly understand cases which at the beginning seem complicated, difficult and impossible to solve and at the end, are resolved by a simple signature of a guest star. And one thing you learn for sure: Love always comes after the career.

But isn´t this what series are all about? The creators  keep prolonging or repeating the same usual stories because they know that´s what we want to see, right? Maybe that´s why I did not completly watch the fourth season: they tried something new and got more entangled with a case than with an actual plot. I, as a viewer, couldn´t follow anymore and everything around the case lost relevance.  Perhaps, that might be the reason why between August 2014 and January 2015 the series lost a huge amount of viewers.

All in all, what can I say? “Suits” is absolutly NOT an all-nighter and I am not sure it is really a relaxing type of series because of all the fighting, but for all of you who watchted “Suits” for a couple of years now, I believe it is still worth to continue the journey with the angry, but good-dressed lawyers – at least for the fifth season. And for all of you who did not yet watch the TV-series: you can spare yourselves the first few seasons and easily start with the fifth without having missed anything at all.