Sherlock, The Abominable Bride, Review

First of all: Happy New Year, dear little ducklings! And with the new year comes a new episode of one of BBC´s finest television series,”Sherlock”. Not only is it the first special holiday episode, it is also set in the 19th century – beware, now comes the spoilers – at least, partly.

“The abominable bride” can best be described as a sherlock-centric inception-like adventure. Switching between a 19th-century decor and where the viewers were last left off, reality or fiction aren´t the most appropiate terms to be used here. Instead, the episode begs to differ between the ordinary and the extraordinary as Sherlock falls deeper and deeper into the latter, only to discover that what he thought to be ordinary might possibly be still in the extraordinary.

On the one hand, a very elaborate, artistic way of implementing the simple idea of using a cold case to solve an ongoing one and on the other hand, a confusing and existential-philosophical visual essay about the realms of Possibility, this episode can be summarized in one concise sound: Hm.

While one-third of the drama balances a psycho-horror-crime story with…no story at all, the rest of the remaining time is spend dwelling on “What is actually the point here?”. It is clear that this special episode wanted to offer more insight into Sherlock´s mind, though digging into the past might not have been the best choice. Even though visual adaptations of Sherlock Holmes´ character have been countlessly undertaken, “Sherlock” always remained unique as it placed the iconic characters and storylines in the 21st century. Taking away the core of the show makes it hard for the viewer to recognize it, yet alone familiarize with it.

What I personally missed the most was the fun, the humour, the wit. There were a few lines which might have curled the lips just slightly, but overall the only thing I can truly say is: It was pretty boring.

For all those of you who profoundly know “Sherlock”, it is clear that is has never been about what´s real or not, but much rather about what´s possible or not. And for all I can say, this episode was impossible.

My rating for you ducklings: Wait until the next episode. Perhaps, it will be able to repair the damages made to such an iconic and authentic image.