Hello little ducklings! Welcome to Duckling´s Movie Tips, a blog where you´ll find everything you need to know about new movies and your favorite TV-series!

Don´t we all know that feeling we get when we see a trailer for an upcoming TV-show or movie and we simply think “I HAVE TO WATCH THIS NOW”? Well, I am here to help you  make this life-changing decision. Because even though movies and TV-series appear to fill just a small gap in our lives, they still do have a great effect on us in our everyday life and state of mind which is why I believe it is important to choose wisely what we want to spend our free time with.

Just a quick briefing about how this blog works: I don´t want to bother you with dozens of different pages to cover all the genres – if you are particularly interested in a certain genre, just click on one of the available categories (shown on the side):

-All-Nighter: I believe that a lot of TV-series fans know that term…here, I majorly write about new and already running TV-series which – I promise! – will keep you up ALL NIGHT LONG!

-Burning Lines: Has it ever happened to you that in an exact moment you just had to say that line you heard from a movie once? Well, if you need new inspiration, here you´ll find movies and TV-shows whose witty dialogue you won´t forget that easily.

-FYI: … stands for “for your information”. When I categorize a post as “FYI”, it´s because it´s mostly a rather negative review of a motion picture or TV-series and I simply want you to be informed about the possibilty that you might be disappointed…but of course, I´d never keep you from buidling your own opinion.

-Juicy Series: What can I say? This category kind of speaks for itself … if you are looking for a new and hip series to watch, check out my posts I wrote under that category!

-Mainstream but cool: (nearly) everyone has that friend who´d never watch those type of movies or TV-series which are way too “simple” and “cliché” and deform our idea of reality…but who knows? Perhaps “those” type of visual arts actually mediate us the most basic knowledge we should have about ourselves and the world…?

-Must See: ALARM CODE RED! Whatever you´re doing, stop right now and go to the nearest theatre or to your TV/computer and WATCH the new movie or TV-show right now!!!

-Top Notch & Brandnew: Here, little ducklings, you´ll discover all about the newest TV-series or motion pictures and what it holds in for you. So, go check it out!

-Under Radar: This is for those of you who are interested in knowing my analytic and interpretative perspective on certain randomly selected, but still up-to-date/currently showing motion pictures or TV-show of every genre.

Eventually, more categories will join the list above, but until then I hope you´ll enjoy reading the blog and get a few tips on what to spend your afternoon, evening or night with.

One last remark: I do give out some ratings for certain TV-shows or motion pictures, which can be found as key words, such as “good“, “awesome“, “waitforthenextone“, “notsohot” and so on. In case you are open for any kind of tip, just type in any word you want in the search bar and I hope you will find a great tip you will be happy with.

So, let´s entertain you!

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